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  • LTC Pharmacy Software

    The complete LTC Pharmacy Software Unified Rx, the complete Long Term Care Pharmacy Software Solution to fulfill all of your pharmacy's requirements today and beyond.

  • e-MAR Integration

    Integrate with Unified e-MAR Unified Rx can be directly integrated with Unified e-MAR, a facility Drug Administration System cum e-MAR software allows the pharmacy to grant facility personnel direct access to the pharmacy system.

  • Value Proposition

    Choosing a software may be simple, but we help you to understand your need better Present your works and products to your customers in a right way. We knows our customers the way you know your customers!

  • Customizable

    Customizable to your needsOur base software packages offer a turn-key system to get you up and running smoothly. We also have round the clock programmers and analysts who are with you every step of the way to provide customization that suits your unique business requirements.

  • Support

    Product support, queries, documentation and training We’re driven by our customers and committed to your success.We’re all about making you and your business faster, smarter and better. Get connected with our Support Services round the clock

How are we different

Unified Rx is an cost-effective web-based LTC Pharmacy Software. Unified Rx will have a significant impact on reducing cost, improving patient safety/care, and reducing the compliance burden compared to other LTC Pharmacy softwares available on the market.

Our team brings to your project over 47 years combined experience in technology, solution, and customer service. Every day, we strategize to help our clients grow; and guide our team to success in their accomplishments of results for our clients.

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The bottom line - Most pharmacy services have not been able to deliver on the promise of The Right Drug, for the Right Patient, at the Right Time, for the Right Price.
George Mansion, Sam's Pharma Inc.
"With cost pressures the way they are today, we have found an effective partner in reducing costs while improving efficiencies and productivity."
James Backer, United Pharmacy