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Centralized Prescription Processing
Order Entry
Workflow Management
Separate Workflow Queue
Simple and Complex Scheduling
Cycle filling
Auto Process Refill
Tote Management
Driver's Delivery Report
Batch view Report
Dosage Template
Document Imaging and 3 File System
Drug Database
Inventory Management
Purchase Orders
Patient Demographic and Medicaton Management
Accounts Receivable
Third-Party billing
Communication - Application Messaging, Notification, SMS etc
Drug Drug Interactions
Electronic Claim Reconciliation
IV processing
Delivery/Computerized Delivery Tracking
Bar code Scanning
Electronic Prescriber Prescriptions (eScripts)
Customizable Sig
High volume Pharmacy management
Complete set of analysis tools and reports
Multiple Rx labels (laser/thermal)
Automatic Refills
Claim Overrides
Security and Audit Logs
Management Reports
Order Status Management
Data Masters for List Management
Drug Forecasting

How is Unified Rx Different?

The browser-based software application helps pharmacies provide LTC facilities with secure access to their residents' demographic and medication information. The electronic access can improve patient safety, and both pharmacy and LTC facility productivity and efficiency. Unified Rx provide a safe and secure connection between your pharmacy and LTC facilities with our own drug administration system, Unified e-MAT.

  • Share data electronically between the pharmacy and facility in a secured way
  • Improve your level of customer service by providing access to facility-specific patient data
  • Allow facilities to electronically submit new refill or replacement medication orders that flow directly into the pharmacy filling queue
  • Give facilities access to view their patient billing matrix
  • Improve patient safety by reducing faxed refill orders
  • Take advantage of barcode/qr code scanning technology for safety and efficiency
  • 3 File systems displays all rx images/documents of each patient in a sorted way.

Easy to Use

Easy to use online software that allows you to fill more prescriptions and work faster with less resources.

Eliminate dispensing errors

Built in tools to view drugs selected, automatic drug-to-drug interaction warning, drug allergy warning, duplicate therapy warning, dose monitoring, pharmacist verification with complete one screen prescription analysis, and audit reports. Whether you fill 50 or 5,000 prescriptions a day, the Unified Rx handles it with ease.

Create more revenue and profitability

Built in tools that recapture loss revenues, monitor insurance payments, warn when your claim are paid less than expected, adjust underpaid claims, view profitability, monitor refill to increase revenues and automatically track and re-bill unpaid claims.

Increase Access

Give LTC facilities the ability to access pharmacy data, submit new orders and refills, view the patient billing matrix and check on the status of deliveries. Facilities can also generate destruction reports with pre-populated prescription information.

Safe and Secure

Unified Rx and Unified e-MAR helps ensure patient information is shared only with authorized facility /pharmacy staff. Secure facility level logins control access and protect electronic patient data.

System Integration

Unified Rx connects the LTC facility Unified e-MAR Drug Management System.