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Unified Rx Services Overview

An LTC pharmacy software service must be your partner in reducing cost, enabling better clinical and financial outcomes, and improving staff productivity and satisfaction. A pharmacy software service must be easy to do business with and a seamless part of your organization's operations. To that end, we provide Unified Rx pharmacy software services for low cost, more accurate and more productive.

Pharmacy Services Workflow

  • Drug Order Management
  • Drug Dispense Management
  • Drug Administration (At Facility)
  • Manage and Reports
  • Communication Management

Unified Rx replaces frustration, inefficiency, and waste with responsiveness, efficiency, and cost savings. We deliver on the promise of "the right drug, for the right patient, at the right time " so you can deliver the best patient care while reducing costs, improving efficiency, and more easily meeting compliance demands. Unified Rx helps in Just-In-Time Dispensing with electronic prescription ordering, formulary management, medication and treatment administration, and corresponding medical records. With Unified Rx, you are connected to experts 24 x 7, assuring easy transition and efficient communication from day one.

Integrating with Unified e-MAR, for Drug Administration and Facility Management

Unified Rx can be directly integrated with Unified e-MAR, a facility Drug Administration System cum e-MAR software allows the pharmacy to grant facility personnel direct access to the pharmacy system, enabling them to request refills, new prescriptions, modifications, as well as view patient profiles, Rx and tote statuses.

Unified e-MAR users may also be granted access to check drug interactions, drug monographs and drug image & imprint information. Unified e-MAR access is secure with 128-Bit Encryption and user-assigned access levels.

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