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The Unified Rx System is ideal for any Retail-LTC pharmacy, that services long term care patients either directly or in the community.

Unified Rx is a product that easily integrates into your pharmacy operations. It has many interfaces for automated packaging machines, electronic medical administration records (EMR) and facility software systems, wholesalers, Fax Integration, claim reconciliation services, and remote dispensing solutions. Unified Rx utilizes integration technologies as well as widely accepted messaging formats such as HL7. Unified Rx electronic prescribing is compliant with the NCPDP version D.0 standard . Unified Rx also has direct e-prescribing interfaces between the facility EMR software systems(unified e-MAR) and pharmacy.

Unified Rx is fast, secure, easy to use, role based and it is easy to train your staff with its intuitive design and logical content layout.

  • Order Management -- Electronic Rx Entry. Unified Rx helps Physicians, Nurses, Med Aides, Pharmacy Tech, Pharacist and other authorized staff through quick and efficient electronic ordering of medication, treatment, literal order/anciliary and any clinical care services provided to residents.
  • Rx Processing -- Highly Centralized, user role based Prescription Processing.It is designed primarily around the prescription fill screen. Functions such as filling prescriptions, initial approval, fill management, final approval, transmitting online claims, performing proactive DUR analysis, maintaining SIGs, and printing label, mapping to tote, tote report printing can all be done while processing a prescription. This centralized design greatly improves the user's productivity by providing direct access to the majority of the tasks associated with prescription processing from a single location.
  • Workflow Management and Queing-- This improve patient safety and pharmacy resource utilization. Eliminate dispensing errors by verifying prescriptions during the filling process to assure that the drug product identified on the label is the drug product that is being dispensed. The dispensing process includes order entry, pharmacist verification, labeling/ packaging, quality assurance with NDC bar code verification and drug images, and delivery with bar code tote checking, Batch View Report etc.. Our Workflow technology with 3 File system, barcode technologies, pill imaging, prescription verification, fax queing, you can take on large dispensing volumes while maintaining accuracy and efficiency and tracking prescriptions anywhere in the workflow. Separate queues in the system like Fax Rx Manage Fax Rx, Partial Rx, Awaiting Initial Approvals(R1), Profile Only Approvals(R1), Fill Awaiting Final Approvals(R2),Orders Mapped To Tote, In Process Tote, Rejected Rx, Cancelled Orders, Cancelled With Restock,Facility Rx etc..
  • Dispense Management -- Separate queue for Dispense management .Totes can be created based on delivery runs like daily run/ weekly run etc. Medication can be delivered the way you are organized (by floor, by nursing station, etc.) and packaged in patient- and Med-Pass specific, bar coded/ qr coded packages for more accurate, safer, and efficient administration and recording.
  • Billing -- Fully integrated accounts receivable module for posting AR in real-time, third party claim rejection tools, and streamlined facility and private billing options.
  • Reporting -- Integrated reporting module with full reporting capabilities with virtually unlimited reports.
  • Inventory Management-- Drug Inventory Management with purchase ordering with many wholesalers and multiple inventory tracking methods.
  • Barcode/ Qr Code Integration -- Medication label can be printed with a barcode/qr code that helps facilities faster drug scanning while receiving tote and in more accurate, safer, and efficient administration and recording.
  • Tote Tracking -- Person carrying drugs to facilities can be tracked based on gps tracking application installed on their cell phones. This will help to communicate well and alert on delayed dispatching
  • Drug Administration Management Records-- Complete medical forms with laser printing for MARs, flow sheets, treatment records, and physician orders.
  • Unlimited 24/7/365 Support-- Experience what world-class support is all about. Whether it's during business hours, after-hours, weekends or holidays, Unified Rx support team responds immediately
  • Full Training and Documentation-- Unified Rx provides on-site training for LTC pharmacies as per need, and any days of Internet training either through mails, telephonic calls or video calls .
  • System Updates-- Any system updates will be intimated without affecting the pharmacy workflow.
  • Data Conversion-- Data can be converted to Unified Rx from any other software systems like FrameworkLTC through our own on-boarding software.
  • Data Backup-- Daily backups are by default done by the system.

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